Where is Coach Al's Driving School office located?
  • We are a "virtual office" with no physical store front. We handle registrations, changes, questions, scheduling and administration via telephone, fax, text, online, mail, or schedule an appointment to meet. You will find Kay Guadagnoli under the About tab within the website. She is your friendly voice and can assist you with all your needs.
What is the minimum payment to reserve a seat in a class and when is the balance due?
  • The minimum deposit is $100 and is applied to the full tuition.
  • You may complete the registration online without payment; however, if payment is not received within 3-days from registration by phone, mail, or online, you risk losing that seat for the class.
  • Balance is due by the end of the 2nd week of class.
How would a student register and make a payment for a session if not comfortable registering so online?
  • You may download the application with the Terms & Agreement, sign and complete the forms, then mail the documents to: Coach Al's Driving School, PO Box 1751, Bernalillo, NM, 87004, with your minimum payment of $100.
  • Understand if payment is not received prior to the class reaching "full" status, the student will risk not getting into the class.
What is the minimum age requirement to obtain an Instructional Permit (referred to as a restricted learner's permit)?
  • 15-years of age.
  • Must be minimum 15-years of age by the 1st day of the 2nd week of class to register.
Where does a Provisional "Restricted" License fit in?
  • Under 18-years of age.
  • Typically obtained within 6-months from the issue date of the Instruction Permit.
  • Will need a road test and the None for the Road (DWI Training or take exam), if did not take a certified and approved class providing those two items.
  • The Completion Certificate obtained from that certified and approved class instructor will suffice the need for the None for the Road.
  • Surrender the Learner's Permit for the Provisional License.
What is the minimum age requirement to obtain a NM Full "Unrestricted" License?
  • 18-years of age
Once a student completes the Package Course with Coach Al's Driving School, are there any other MVD exams required to obtain a Provisional License or a Full License?
  • No further exams are needed. All MVD required exams and training are included within the course.
  • MVD Knowledge Exam
  • NM State approved Completion Certificate for Classroom Hours with the DWI Training
  • Behind the Wheel training and the MVD Road Test
How long after obtaining the Instructional Permit must a teenager wait to obtain the Provisional License?
  • Hold the Instructional permit for at least 6-months.
  • Complete 50-hours of supervised driving practice, including 10-hours at night. A parent or guardian must certify in writing the hours have been completed.
  • The driving log may be obtained from an MVD Office or download from Coach Al's Driving School website.
  • Provide MVD with the permit ID, the 50-hours driving log and show the Completion Certificate, obtained from the last day of class. No further exams required if provide the Completion Certificate.
When do students do the behind-the-wheel driving when the package for classroom and BTW is purchased?
  • Because of the varied schedules of students, drive time is done in the mornings, afternoons, before session, and after session. If need be, could take in Friday, Saturday, and a couple days into the following week.